Friday, 20 May 2016

Banged Bangless!!!

Red, green, yellow, orange, blue
Wish to grab as many color as I could
Round, square and golden silver hue
something that adds to my womanhood 

banged bangles ; akrati chaturevdi blog

Friday, 13 May 2016

And It Rains...

Forever is the wait 
Forever is the dreary land
Forever is a moment
Forever the efforts in vain
Beneath all, for forever 
Heaven pours the rain (:  

Rain, Akrati Chaturvedi blog
Image Courtesy: Google

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Captain America: Civil War

So whose side are you on? 
This side or that side?
This side also have super heroes or that side also have super heroes
This side also fights for humanity, that side also fights for humanity.
This side will also make you fall for what is right, that side will make you fall for stand for discipline, regulation.
This side, that side …Team Cap or Team Iron Man???

Wait ...wait it’s not for chaos but that’s how we were watching it in trailers…no villain and super heroes fighting with each other.
So after long wait here comes third part in the series of Captain America Civil War directed by Russo brothers. The movie opens with Bucky doing destruction as usual and as usual Steve Rogers/Captain America still believing him to be innocent. However, with interference of Government (UN committee) trying to take control of Avengers, division happens. (Remember in trailer ‘United we stand, divided we fall). 

Cap on the way to fight for what seems him right while Tony Stark/Iron Man believes in streamlining Avengers under their rule. Rogers believes that the avengers have done less harm than good and if UN committee controls them they’ll surely be bounded to help the humanity when needed. And all avengers rallying behind the either side.

Bucky is shoot at sight criminal and Team Cap fugitive criminal for saving Bucky. Ahh!! You’ll witness the perfect blend of friendship here, Tony-Cap, Cap-Bucky, Nat-Cap Steals heart

After intermission, you get to see the best super heroes fight ever. Best action sequences, best comedy. The little ‘Spider-man’ and ‘Ant-man’ makes the fight more interesting with their comic timings and unpredictable display of power to Avengers. So many super-hero characters still everyone grabs the screen with same proximity. Fabulously scripted well acted.
One more Avenger introduced is Black Panther. Wondering what the fun it’ll be to have an upcoming MCU movie altogether on him.
Of course, you walked into the theater having memories of Bucky as villain in second part but trust me you’ll start loving him in this one. And yeah, you might be missing Cap’s romantic side but in this one coffee is brewing. And you’ll get to see other of Tony Stark too.
Marvel’s best movie so far and in one word I’ld say ‘Awesome’. So Friday has gone Saturday gone, if you haven’t watched the movie… Go Watch It

My Advice:

1. Please please have little revision on earlier parts and Avengers ’Age of Ultron’ else you’ll be there blank with ‘Whats going on dude!!!What’s good in this movie’ expression (Literally happened with my friend that spent time seating in lobby area)

2. Please please please don’t leave the hall before the credits end. There’re two scenes within credits giving hints to next MCU plans.

Last but not the least Chris Evans stole my heart again (:

Comment your reviews :) 

Friday, 13 November 2015

Our Date with Tea

Two fine aromatic cup of tea,             
Date with tea , Akrati Chaturvedi blog
One is you one is me
Two coffee marshmallow cakes,
In offer of buy one get one free

Infinite chat & glances,
There's warmth, There's solace
And the loneliness vanished
Somewhere into calmness

Ceasing the boring World,
Emptying cups to cups
Afternoon to evening
It was our date with tea 

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Peace & Serenity-II

Shallow desires, shallow acts
To break Universe rules, things done in haste

Whatever happens happens but,
Happiness & Sadness all is in Fate...

Saturday, 5 September 2015

R.I.P. Wayne Dyer

For the words of anger, frustration, blindness, hatred
For the words that crush the soul
There are words that heal the soul
Divine, Soothing, Immortal 

You'll be remembered Wayne Dyer 

Wayne Dyer, akrati chaturvedi blog

Monday, 10 August 2015

Rain Rainbow & Shine

Its morning dew that silently freeze,
Rainy droplets over it came through...
Deep in dark clouds sun pierced,
Rainbow occurred giving droplets hue...

Akrati Chaturevdi blog ; rain , rainbow
Image courtesy: Google